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How Air Conditioning Manufacturers are using Energy Performance Certificates to Add Value

Achieving Competitive Advantage!

If you are looking for a competitive edge or differentiator, the ability to help your customers improve EPC ratings in their properties could make all the difference to a project’s success.

The new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations have made EPC ratings business critical for landlords and property owners in terms of rental income and capital values.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) 

These regulations require all ‘F’ and ‘G’ EPC rated commercial properties, unless exempt, to be improved to a minimum of an ‘E’ rating by 1st April 2018, or it will be unlawful to let that property in England and Wales. Scotland is also introducing similar regulations to improve EPC ratings.

How can TBS Help?

We can model and produce accurate draft predictive EPCs for inclusion in your design proposals, which allow for a fully compliant EPC to be produced and lodged after the project completion.  

Air conditioning systems have significant impacts on EPC ratings and can easily improve F and G ratings to E and above, providing the property owner with added value compliance with MEES.  

We can also help in achieving Part L and SBEM compliance through our innovative predictive modelling.

We use IES Dynamic Simulation (VE-DSM) software to analyse the building, where modelling is carried out in the higher specification, Level 5, environment. It is widely accepted by both Government and Industry experts that the standard simplified building energy modelling (SBEM) used to produce Level 3 and 4 assessments is not always sufficiently sophisticated to provide the most accurate assessment of a buildings energy efficiency.

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