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Case Study - Wrekin Housing Trust, Telford

Client Requirements 

Wrekin Housing Trust had some specific energy compliance requirements at their head office in Telford, including Display Energy Certificates and TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Assessments. During this process, it became increasingly evident that significant energy savings could be achieved through a more structured energy assessment and management approach.

The Brief 

TBS was commissioned to undertake ongoing consultancy works which included the following areas of expertise:

  • Display Energy Certificates
  • TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Assessments
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling
  • Chiller Replacement Scope of Works
  • Automatic Metering Installation
  • Energy Management System (EnMS)
  • Energy Manager Role



The original DEC rating in July 2014 was a G250. By July 2015, its annual review date, energy improvements had resulted in a rating of G201. The EPC modelled in August 2014 was found be an E113. 

Dynamic Simulation Modelling

As the energy ‘performance gap’ between the notional (DEC) and the actual (EPC) energy performance was relatively significant, dynamic simulation modelling was undertaken in July 2015. This project identified that the building was consuming 20% more energy than expected.

Automatic Metering Installation

TBS installed an Automatic Metering and Recording system in August 2015, to monitor significant energy uses (SEUs). Improvement initiatives were then identified which resulted in energy savings with a return on investment of 2.6 years or better. These included a Building Management System (BMS) upgrade, CO2 monitoring and Inverter Drive replacements.      

Energy Management System (EnMS)

Data gathered from the detailed energy assessments and automatic metering system supported the preparation of an ISO 50001 compliant Energy Management procedural document issued in March 2016.

Energy Manager Role

To ensure that projected energy savings continued to be achieved, TBS provides an outsourced ‘Energy Manager’ role which includes the detailed monthly review and reporting of energy metering information.


  • Targeted 15% energy reduction over 3 years
  • BMS reconfiguration to include CO2 sensing and optimum system starting
  • Implementation of Board level supported EnMS.
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