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Case Study - Eric Wright Group

Client Requirement

The Eric Wright Construction Group was required to comply with the ESOS Regulations 2014. It therefore had to undertake the mandatory energy assessment in line with these Regulations and to report the findings of the assessment within the deadline of the first compliance period, which was the 5th December 2015.

The Brief

TBS was commissioned to undertake the ESOS energy assessment for mandatory compliance purposes. However, in addition TBS was commissioned to identify practical opportunities to reduce energy consumption across all the Eric Wright Group subsidiary companies and properties.


TBS undertook site surveys and detailed analysis of all energy consumption, including vehicles and on-site construction activities. A fully compliant ESOS assessment was prepared in time to meet the 5th December 2015 deadline date.


  • Real energy saving opportunities were identified through the detailed energy consumption analysis, including company vehicles
  • Practical low cost energy improvement initiatives identified with potential savings of £35k per annum
  • Targeted initiatives identified which would overcome problem high humidity and damp conditions at one of the sites
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