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Case Study – Building Log Book, Goldsmiths, University of London

Client Requirement

S&G Air Conditioning Contracts Limited were involved in the construction of new air conditioned recording studios and associated control rooms, as an extension to the existing building for Goldsmiths, University of London. The client required the production of a building log book, in line with the current building regulations.

The Brief

TBS was commissioned to develop a building log book for this specific project, meeting all the requirements of Part L of the building regulations.    


The building log book detailed the energy metering installed and provided the Facilities Manager with a point of record for future energy consumption. It will allow easy comparison of current with expected usage and highlight anomalies and issues. It also provides a platform for future targeting of energy management initiatives.


  • Provides for transparent energy usage
  • Highlights anomalies and issues with energy usage, which can then be effectively investigated and rectified leading to energy cost reductions
  • Provides a baseline and methodology for managing and targeting energy reduction initiatives
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